Solar for Texas Veterans
Solar for Texas Veterans
Solar for Texas Veterans

Revolve is proud to announce our Solar for Texas Veterans Program. Whenever a Veteran, Reservist, or Active Duty household goes solar with us, they will get a 5% discount* and we’ll be making a donation to a local nonprofit to support the Veteran community!

Additionally, if you’re a Texas Veteran, you may qualify for special Veteran Home Improvement Loans** that can make your dreams of residential solar a reality! Find out how much you could be saving by filling out the free estimate form below.

* To be eligible for the 5% discount, you must either be a Veteran, a current Active Duty member, a member of the Texas National Guard, a reserve component military member, or the spouse of a qualifying individual. Note: some forms of financing will disqualify an individual from being eligible for the Military discount. Check with a Revolve Solar Specialist for a full list of terms and conditions.

** Rates, terms and eligibility requirements for the Veteran Home Improvement Loans are set by the Veterans Land Board of Texas. This financing product is not available in California.

Why Solar?

Energy Security

Having solar panels on your roof is about more than just “going green” and saving money. WIth home solar, you’re protecting your family from outrageous rate hikes and market volatility. You get the peace of mind knowing that—year after year—your rates are locked in and your system is producing power.


If solar technology is tough enough to be used by the United States Military all around the world, it’s tough enough for your home! With up-to-25-year manufacturer warranties on both the panels and inverters, your system is sure to stay fit and ready for duty—no matter the environment.


Veteran Home Improvement Loans come with a base rate of 3.90% and can be discounted even more depending on your service disability rating. When you combine this special veteran financing with the 30% federal solar tax credit and other local incentives, solar just makes sense!

Veteran Tested, Veteran Approved

Veteran Tested, Veteran Approved

Thanks to national initiatives like the Solar Ready Vets program, there are over 17,000 veterans employed and counting!

Revolve Solar is proud to be a veteran employer. Whether they’re an installer on your roof or the salesperson sitting down at your kitchen table to talk through your free solar quote, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the same good company you’re used to.

Not a Texas Veteran? You still may be eligible for other generous solar rebates and incentives. Find out how much you could be saving with solar by getting a free estimate. Don’t forget about Revolve’s $400 Solar Referral Program!

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