Real Clients, Real Savings
Real Clients, Real Savings

“We have no control over the cost of our power. We’re at the mercy of the California PUC and the PG&E company that supplies them. So no matter what the do, my bill’s not going to change because I’m generating 80 to 90% of my own power. I’m not going to suffer any of those downsides because I’ve got solar on top of my roof.”

-Danny Salado, Chico, CA


“From the time that Mike Brown came here, they installed it and it was hooked up with PG&E’s approval – it was two months at the most. Maybe just a little bit less. They came out; they got it done in two days. They cleaned up; you couldn’t tell they’d been there after they’d gone. It was a done deal; it was awesome. Everyone was easy to get along with; it was great. Revolve is the one to go with.”

-Mike Baker, Redding, CA


“We’ve been thinking about solar for about five years. We had a large PG&E bill and we don’t anymore. In the summer it was running $425, over the full year it probably averaged a little over $200 a month and now it’s $10 a month. Revolve has been excellent.”

-Dick and Lois Chambers, Anderson, CA


“Before solar we would run between $150 and $300 a month for electric, and then this last summer in the middle of the summer we were running our air conditioner. Our bill was $7 that month, and come on – that’s awesome. I bring our friends over, and they say, “Oh you have solar.” Then I tell them my bill was $7, and their mouth drops open. It’s a no brainer, just go get it!”

-Dr. Michael Gallager, Redding, CA

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“Brett [Solar Specialist] is knowledgeable, informative, and straightforward. His expertise and commitment to us as customers has made every transaction an ease. Our experience with him and Revolve Solar has been exceptional!”

Tiffany D., Redding CA, Jan. 2015 via Yelp

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“Kenny and Ryan [installers] are perfect examples of customer service with ALL the professionalism of the superior organization you manage….Everyone did a first rate job and you should be proud that your employees represent your company in this commanding way.”

Extracts from a letter from Paul Robeson, Palo Cedro, CA. Dec. 2014

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“I just got my solar panels installed about a week ago. I’m so happy about being free from PG&E. This is a local company with all American products & a price that was unbeatable. I didn’t feel pushed or pressured to buy, but I’m so excited that I did. Summer is coming & now I can turn on my AC without any worries of an outrageous bill.”

Sandra S., Chico CA, May, 2014 via Yelp

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“I have saved more than 50% since installing my panels with Revolve Solar (about 60+% in fact!) over last year’s electric energy costs. In July, I also had the entire family here for a week with the AC cranked down and seven people in and out leaving lights on, etc. I’m so happy I had this system installed… I feel so “green” plus I am decreasing the CO2 output to the environment by hundreds of pounds per month. Thanks for letting me brag on my solar system!”

Norma B., Austin, TX

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“Revolve has done an outstanding job of keeping us up to speed throughout this process. You explained everything to us step by step and answered all our questions thoroughly. We’ve been delighted by how easy it’s been. Thank you for making this such a fun and exciting experience for us. We’re looking forward to lots of savings on our electrical bill.”

Judy M., Austin, TX

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