Note: Available funds for programs such as Oncor’s solar rebate program fluctuate throughout the year. Give us a call today to ensure you’re not missing out on any valuable incentives.

Residential and Commercial Solar Rebates in Oncor Territory

Just because you don’t live within the Austin city limits doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy solar rebates in Central Texas. Homeowners living in North Travis, Milam, and Williamson counties can apply for generous Oncor Solar rebates to offset their initial investment in a PV system.


2016 Oncor Rebate Program:

Small Commercial $538.53/kW AC and $0.2519/kWh AC

Residential $538.53/kW AC and $0.2519/kWh AC

For the 2016 program, Oncor is offering a residential solar rebate valued at up to $8,500 for qualifying systems. In total, the residential budget is $4.4 million. For commercial customers, the rebate amount is capped at 20% of the total commercial incentive budget.


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What is Oncor?

Oncor is not an electric retailer like Austin Energy or Pedernales Electric Cooperative. Instead, they’re the folks that build, own and maintain the equipment used for electricity transportation (e.g. powerlines). Since Texas has a deregulated electricity market, you might be an Oncor customer and not even know it!

To give you some idea of eligibility requirements and program incentives, we’ve included the rebate information from the most recent round.

To Qualify for the Oncor Solar Rebates

The solar photovoltaic system must meet the following requirements:


Your system has to be brand new


You must use a participating contractor such as Revolve Solar


The azimuth of the solar array must be between 90 and 270 degrees (south-facing is best, but east/west roofs are also eligible)


The tilt angle needs to be between 0 (flat) and your local latitude + 15 degrees


The solar array must be between 1 kW DC and 10 kW DC

Not sure if you’re in Oncor territory? You can check your electric bill for the following ID numbers: 44372 or 17699. These correspond to Oncor. The above map gives a good approximation of the portion of Revolve’s service area that may include homes with Oncor meters. Please note: not every home in the highlighted section necessarily has an Oncor meter.

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