A Smart Choice For Charities and Nonprofits

You work hard to do good in your community, so wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to do even more without having to change your day-to-day or get more people on your team? That’s the beauty of solar energy! We work with a wide range of nonprofits including houses of worship, community centers, hospitals and private schools who want to reduce their operating expenses and do right by the environment.

Installing solar panels will increase the viability of your organization from day one because you’re gaining a valuable source of energy. Aside from the energy savings generated by your system, you’re also building a positive, forward-thinking image for your organization that’s sure to resonate with your donors and members. Talk about a win-win solution!

After years of paying some of the highest energy prices in the US, Orchard Avenue Baptist Church in Northern California decided to make a change. Now, 75% of their power comes from the Sun rather than polluting fossil fuels.

Revolve facilitated a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the church and then installed a 31-kilowatt (kW) system. Under the PPA’s terms, a third party pays for, owns and maintains the system, and then sells the energy it produces to the church at a fixed rate (lower than their current PG&E prices). As a result, there are instant savings of 14.4% or more in the first year, with annual saving growing yearly as utility rates rise.

Over the 25-year Warranty Period

…the system is expected to:

● Save the church ~$350,000 over the life of the system

● Produce 1.3 million kWh of energy

● Offset over 1.4 million lbs. of CO2 (the same as 7,400 adult trees!)


The church plans to use some of their energy savings to support mission trips, student programs, and other initiatives to improve the well-being of their congregation and local community.

Why Take Your Nonprofit Solar?
Why Take Your Nonprofit Solar?
Why Take Your Nonprofit Solar?

Energy Savings

Solar power costs less than the “regular power” you’d buy from your utility. You might be surprised, but that’s the reality in majority of regions. Just think of how many more people could you help with those extra funds that are freed up by switching to solar power! Your Account Manager will show you how your monthly totals for repayments + your new reduced electricity bill could be less than your current average monthly bill.

A Positive Image

Whether you want to demonstrate your environmental stewardship, your progressive ideas, your ability to embrace technology, your thought-leadership in energy independence, or your financial competence, solar panels send a positive message to everyone. Every donor wants to know that their money has been spent well, and solar energy is the noblest of causes.

Competitive Advantage

Even charities have to compete, and having a valuable energy saving system means you have the edge regardless of how the market is doing. Everyone is competing to attract a donor’s attention, time, and resources, and solar is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. So why not give us a call today and find out how easy it is to go solar and start making your charity or nonprofit organization lead the pack.

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