Solar Installation Firm Celebrates 3rd Birthday by Breaking Into Top 10

Report identifies Revolve Solar as No.8 for residential installations in continental U.S.

REDDING, CA (March  17, 2015): A recent report published by Buildzoom investigated the drivers of the booming solar industry across the U.S. Their aim was to identify the most prolific residential solar contractors and rank them based on number of permits pulled for installation (which is on public record). Revolve Solar smashed its way into the Top 10 as a U.S. Solar Contractor for 2014. The report came at a time of celebration within the company – the very week that Revolve celebrated its 3rd birthday.

Revolve Solar’s CEO Tim Padden said, “The past three years have flown by, and now this gives us all a chance to reflect for a moment on what we have achieved in that short span of time. I’m so pleased for the team after such an expansive year. It’s great for them to see how we are performing against other companies in the sector.”

Unlike other solar companies in the Top 10, Revolve Solar is not investor-owned and has achieved its growth organically entirely through reinvested profits. As Mr. Padden further added, “With quickly expanding operations in Northern California and Central Texas, Revolve is constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Independent verification of how we rank compared to the competition is a huge plus when trying to demonstrate what we’re achieving at Revolve.”

About Revolve Solar

Revolve Solar is a residential and commercial solar design and installation company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded by entrepreneur Tim Padden, Revolve commenced operations in early 2012 and quickly replicated its formula to compete in the Redding, Chico, and Vacaville, CA markets. Continued expansion in California and elsewhere and further growth in the commercial sector are anticipated for 2015.

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