Revolve Team Assembles in Austin for New Market Development

AUSTIN, TX (January 2, 2012): Austin-based solar company Revolve Solar today announced the names of the solar entrepreneurs who will serve as the core leadership for the company as it tackles markets in Texas and beyond.

Tim Padden will serve as Chief Executive Officer and sole owner of Revolve. Padden brings with him a formidable 20-year track record in sales, business start-ups and management systems development to include the founding, growth and sales of several domestic and international companies. A University of Texas alumni with a degree in economics, Tim developed a focus on organizational behavior and sales management, leading in significant part to systematic training and sales. Extensive experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and consultant across various industries in global markets, has suited him well for the many evolutions of the solar market.

Spring Hericks, Marketing/Communications Director, brings a long and successful history in the non-profit and private sectors ranging from sales, marketing and communications to events, public relations, brand identity, and award-winning publishing products. With several years in solar, she created Texas’ first 100% renewably-powered solar festival, led the ASES National Solar Tour to San Antonio in 2008, and supported the DOE’s Solar America Cities program initiatives. More recently, she directed a joint solar program on behalf of two national solar companies in CO, AZ, and CA.

Together, the Revolve Solar team is prepared to bring their record of success and dedication to the residential solar customer in Texas markets.

About Revolve Solar

Revolve Solar is a residential and commercial solar design and installation company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded by entrepreneur Tim Padden, Revolve commenced operations in early 2012 and quickly replicated its formula to compete in the Redding, Chico, and Vacaville, CA markets. Continued expansion in California and elsewhere and further growth in the commercial sector are anticipated for 2015.

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