Revolve Solar Signs Purchasing Agreement with Siliken

AUSTIN, TX (June 26, 2012): Revolve Solar, residential solar electric systems provider, today announced a purchasing agreement with Siliken, a globally renowned photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer.

Revolve’s steadfast commitment to maximum quality at competitive prices led the company to Siliken; an international company focused on developing solutions for the renewable energy industry, specifically in the field of photovoltaics. Siliken modules have been recognized as the best by Photon Magazine, a highly regarded PV publication, who ranks modules through an impartial and objective manner.

According to Tim Padden, CEO of Revolve Solar, the company selected Siliken based on their quality, value, and high-efficiency output. “Other than Siliken’s standing as a top-ranked panel manufacturer, we feel they are a strong company, one that stands behind their product,” said Padden. “

“Revolve Solar is an innovative company founded by a team with years of experience. They’re the kind of organization we really like to grow with,” said Ryan Adams, a regional sales representative for Siliken. “It’s not often we see a company achieve their level of order volume so quickly.”

About Revolve Solar

Revolve Solar is a residential and commercial solar design and installation company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded by entrepreneur Tim Padden, Revolve commenced operations in early 2012 and quickly replicated its formula to compete in the Redding, Chico, and Vacaville, CA markets. Continued expansion in California and elsewhere and further growth in the commercial sector are anticipated for 2015.

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