Austin Business Journal Interviews Revolve Solar CEO Tim Padden

Austin-based CEO and Entrepreneur Talks Starting a Business, Growth of Solar Energy with Austin Business Journal

Austin, TX (February 10, 2016): Following a record-breaking year for his company in 2015, Revolve Solar’s Founder/CEO Tim Padden was recently interviewed by Will Anderson, Digital Editor at the Austin Business Journal. Padden—now on his sixth company—shared his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as the various inspirations that led him, and by extension Revolve Solar, to achieve the success they have today.

“I seem to have a very strong delayed-gratification gene,” Padden quipped. “If you stick with something long enough, you can achieve just about anything you put your mind to. It’s not about being smart or lucky — it’s about working the problem every day.”

Under Padden’s leadership, the Austin-based Revolve Solar saw its revenue soar from $1.8 million in 2012 to $15.9 million in 2014. With a compounded annual growth rate of just over 200%, Revolve Solar ranked the second fastest-growing company on the Austin Business Journal’s 2015 “Fast 50” rankings. The distinction came mere months after ranking 36th in the nation on Solar Power World’s annual list of the Top 500 Solar Contractors.

When asked his thoughts on how to successfully grow a business so quickly, Padden cited the need to adopt a long-term, strategic mindset.

“I have to be the example for what I want to see so my first line can turn around and have the same kind of conversations. That is what makes the company scalable, not the market opportunity. It’s not the solar that makes us grow, but it’s much easier to have a fast-growing company in an industry like solar.”

Padden went on to note that—despite the initial period of ‘vertical takeoff’ being over—Revolve’s commercial business was gaining traction and “a $20 million [in sales] commercial year would not be surprising.”

Tim Padden Interview with Austin Business Journal

Tim Padden, Founder and CEO of Revolve Solar, next to the recently completed 194 kW commercial solar power system at Builder Homesite, Inc.

About Revolve Solar

Revolve Solar is a residential and commercial solar design and installation company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded by entrepreneur Tim Padden, Revolve commenced operations in early 2012 and quickly replicated its formula to compete in the Redding, Chico, and Vacaville, CA markets. Continued expansion in California and elsewhere and further growth in the commercial sector are anticipated for 2016.

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