Revolve Solar’s 2015 California Picnic

When the weather is nice, and the BBQ is cooking, there are not many nicer places to be than out in the park enjoying some downtime with your work colleagues.  Enjoy a few snaps from the 2015 California picnic in this little blog post!

Installing solar panels can be stressful.  It takes a lot of work, sometimes a few months and a lot of team players to get projects completed.  Every so often you have to take a step back from worrying about what the best solar panels available are, and who the best solar company is (hint: it’s us) and take an afternoon to get the team together.

It was great to have Lisa (pictured below, center) our Austin TX Business Manager out to join the party too and meet up with her California counterparts and team mates who together help make the Revolve world, erm….revolve.


The day was also a slightly belated 3rd birthday party for the firm and Tim our CEO wanted to take the opportunity to show some special gratitude to some of the “old school” who helped to shape the company this far and have gone the extra mile to ensure success and help forge a great team spirit at Revolve Solar.

Tim Padden dishes out a couple of awards to Adam (above) and Josh (below).

There are plenty of funny pictures of grown adults on toy rocking horses,man-hugs and some of our other chefs-for-the-day – you can see those and the whole album posted on our Facebook page. Enjoy!


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