Services Overview

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    A packaged approach
    Solar is one of the most exciting decisions you can make for your home. Revolve makes it easy and affordable, guiding...
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    The big picture
    You know solar is now easy and affordable. But understanding how that brilliant sunshine will help you save the planet is...
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    Understanding savings
    Instant gratification. Your solar system reduces your energy costs right off the bat. Knowing it will continue to save you even...
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    Energy efficiency
    Get more out of your solar system with simple energy efficiency upgrades such as sealing your windows and doors. For homes...
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    Site design and documentation
    During your site evaluation we do specific measurements of your roofing area, assess shading and other variables that impact solar production....
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    Customer experience
    Going solar is really all about you. From the all-important decision to be a solar household to taking steps to get...

Installation Phases



This phase is an exciting one, marked by all the preparatory efforts to include your site evaluation and design, submitting your rebate application, plus permitting, scheduling and ordering related to your installation. You’re on your way!



During this phase, your installation crew arrives at the scheduled time and gets to work. Installation usually takes 1-3 consecutive days depending on your system, complexity and weather. An electrical inspection is conducted and, when approved, your site is nearly ready for commissioning. Those panels are gleaming on your rooftop in anticipation!



After electrical inspections are complete, final paperwork is completed. The City conducts a final inspection, and, in some cases, switches out your meter. You are notified that your system can safely be turned on, and a member of your installation crew shows you how to operate your system. You did it–you are now powering your home with the sun!